Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hacking Tiny Tower

Today I hacked up a little iPhone game called Tiny Tower.

I like the game but it was moving a little too slowly! So I searched the inter webs and found me a... a... oh ya! a Cheat. Now I can make my tower untiny and super large and have infinite fundings from a foreign government. I am still playing the game, but I am somewhat bored with it. I'm glad it was free!! Now I'm just sitting here waiting until I can go to Target to get me a capacitive stylus for me iPad! What shall I do 'til then is my choice, but I have not yet made my mind up. Tonight I am going to dinner with one of my teacher/friends at a Mexican restaurant!! Fajita here I come! I love Google services, especially GMail! But I've kinda been relying on my iCloud email.

I'll update my blog as interesting things happen I guess... Any ideas for what to do during down time?


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