Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wonders about WebOS

WebOS: Palm's last OS brainchild to brace the world before their usurpation of Palm by HP. It is by far the only interesting mobile platform that leads my eye away from iOS. It is simple, elegant, and the shortage of apps does not bother me. The multitasking is unsurpassed by any other platform with the ingenious use of "cards", little live previews of each open app. The use of a gesture area rather than navigation buttons in the UI are what I would say brilliant.

The only problem so far is the hardware. The original Pre was a failure because it failed to compete with the current phones on the market at the time, and still to this day HP/Palm has refused to release a phone without a keyboard. The first device that had the chance to let WebOS shine through was the HP Touchpad, and we all know how badly that failed.

HP may have their savior device in the works: The Palm Pre3.

All though this device has a keyboard it may be the first phone from HP to have competitive specs with the current market, not the phones from two years before its release. A large touchscreen, spacious keyboard, 512mb of RAM, a 1.5Gigahertz processor, and the latest version of WebOS. I personally am very excited about this phone, but will purchase an unlocked Pre 2 to get a taste of the operating system, before making a long term commitment to the ecosystem.

With this and a possible keyboard-less phone, HP could become a leader in the smartphone industry, if their team decides to make a difference and not just turn WebOS into a profitable "thing" that they bought.

Will post as more things happen,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Today is Movie & Trip Day

Today I am going to the Windy City. Yes, I have family there and I am staying there for the week. In other news I'm going to see Mr. Poppers Penguins!! YAYY!!!! I have been waiting for that movie for a while now!!! I am going to see it with a bunch of family, one of which we are taking with us back to Chicago. I will be in the car endlessly for three hours straight! Of corse, thats not very much compared to the drive from here to Grand Rapids, but, I mean, it's still three hours.

In other news, I've really been wanting a 7in tablet so I can slip it in and out of my pockets like a phone!! I've been looking at the Blackberry Playbook. Most everything that RIM (the Blackberry company) makes is extremely laughable, but I am attracted to their first tablet. Everything is amazing about that tablet besides the lack of apps and the lack of dedicated email and calendar clients. I will post my review of the movie I am going to see later and will post as interesting things happen.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hacking Tiny Tower

Today I hacked up a little iPhone game called Tiny Tower.

I like the game but it was moving a little too slowly! So I searched the inter webs and found me a... a... oh ya! a Cheat. Now I can make my tower untiny and super large and have infinite fundings from a foreign government. I am still playing the game, but I am somewhat bored with it. I'm glad it was free!! Now I'm just sitting here waiting until I can go to Target to get me a capacitive stylus for me iPad! What shall I do 'til then is my choice, but I have not yet made my mind up. Tonight I am going to dinner with one of my teacher/friends at a Mexican restaurant!! Fajita here I come! I love Google services, especially GMail! But I've kinda been relying on my iCloud email.

I'll update my blog as interesting things happen I guess... Any ideas for what to do during down time?


The Relaunch of the Infamous Awwsomme Blog.

Today is a great day. Today not only have I launched yet another blog, but I also put a no longer loved blog to rest. The historical AwWsOmMe blog is now dead. Now, taking it's URL is the new Awwsomme blog. This is a combination blog of all of the blogs I'vs hosted. For a recap of all of those horrible blogs just check the paragraph under my blog name! Yes, so now what am I to do? I am to close this blog, and go eat something!!  YA! I eat too!! Oh, and I've changed the commenting system to Disqus, so commenting is easier and requires no sign up!! Just click on the Comments at the bottom of the post, scroll to the bottom and comment!